How it works

How teeth whitening work

Your teeth have two basic elements                                    

1. The Dentin is the actual 'tooth-bone' that gives 

    your teeth their natural white colour
2. The Enamel is 'glass-like' and clothes the tooth 

Enamel can be likened to a glass window that we look through to see the natural white colour of our tooth Dentin below the enamel.
Whenever the enamel ‘window’ is stained it veils the natural white colour of your teeth and your teeth appear yellow or darker than they naturally should 
Cosmetic Teeth Whitening simply and safely  ‘cleans the window’ by removing stains locked within the enamel, instantly revealing the natural whiteness of your teeth.

Teeth naturally come in many colours. Some have a yellowish tone, some orange, some brown and some grey.

Tooth colour also influenced by a combination of organic and inorganic stains found on the surface and inside the teeth (intrinsic and extrinsic stains) These discolourations can be result of several factors, including diet (drinking coffee, tea or red wine), lifestyle choices ( smoking), age, or exposure to certain medication (such as tetracycline or fluoride)

Different kinds of stains may require tailored treatment schedules to achieve the best result, with extrinsic stains (those caused by food, drink and tobacco consumption) being the easiest to remove and intrinsic stains (age-related and resulting from use of certain medications) possibly requiring additional time to follow up treatment.

For the technically minded:

We use a low % Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) catalyst activated formula because it gives the best and fastest results. Our proprietary catalyst makes our OSMO gel more effective by ‘photo-exciting’ the oxidation reaction.

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a powerful bleaching agent that rapidly penetrates tooth enamel to oxidize and decompose stains. The end result is not only whiter teeth, but shinier teeth with a reduced prep and chair time.

Light Activated:

The gel becomes ‘photo-excited’ by the radiance emitted by our powerful professional whitening accelerator devices delivering tailored light 480-520 nanometers in wave length at up to 300,000lx.

This innovation provides superior whitening results in a short treatment time.

Why some results were short lived?

- It is because of Whitening Gel EFFICACY (Efficacy is the capacity to produce an effect)

The Reason is simple...

"Its got to Reach it to Bleach it"

Fact is, for any bleaching agent to migrate it's way safely through long resident staining in the tooth before it can bleach the stained Dentine below; (longer for badly stained teeth)
(See diagram. Dentine is the actual tooth 'bone' that gives your teeth their natural white colour) 

What this means...

  1. If the DENTINE is not reached, your teeth are not whitened as much as they could be 
  2. Any results can be short lived because you have only removed superficial staining from the enamel coating; hence, your money spent – wasted

Moreover, some 'fast' operators mix sodium chloride (salt) into their whitening gel salt absorbs water from the enamel immediately making them look much whiter, however, within several hours your salvia rehydrates the enamel, and again, your money spent – wasted 

Beware of claims  like '10 shades whiter'
Results claims can be exagerated by using a 36-shade chart rather than the Global standard 15-shade VITA guide used by Dentists and professional Teeth Whitening Aestheticians - truth is, '10-shades' may in fact be only a few shades whiter.

Trust NZ's Teeth Whitening specialists for...

  • whiter teeth 
  • longer-lasting results 
  • at an affordable price often less than 1/3rd of the price charged by some dental offices