Custom made Bleaching Trays

Custom made bleaching trays + Gels

You can enhance or maintain the results after laser treatment by using custom bleaching trays + Whitening Gels to keep your white smiles in a long term!

Custom made bleaching trays

All of our custom made dental bleaching trays are handmade by experienced technicians. Our practitioner will take impressions of your upper and lower teeth to create an exact replica of your dental portfolio used to create your trays. Our custom made trays created from an ultra thin soft material (1mm only!) ,these dental quality trays are ADA and FDA approved flexible and comfortable to wear.

These trays also can be used as a mouthguard to prevent grind teeth during sleep.

This product is created in the lab therefore would take up to 5-7 working days and will be couriered to you at no extra cost.

Refill Whitening Gels are available:

Our Whitening Gels are dental quality 18% Carbide Peroxide. Available in 5ml syringe. Prices are listed below.

1x 3ml Whitening Gel   - $25
3x 5ml Whitening Gels - $69